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Tower Update

The Rejector a posted Dec 30, 16

   Tower Update

The new tower has finally been released to the public after a couple days of testing it.

How it works:

Every time you beat an npc you will get teleported to the next npc but if you lose a battle you will get sent to  spawn without being able to /back. You have to be able to complete the whole tower with one team as you wont be able to switch it as you cant leave the tower and /pc is blocked.


After defeating each floor you will be rewarded.

Floor 1: 1 Masterballs + 10k

Floor 2: 4 Masterballs + 100k

Floor 3: 5 masterballs + 200k + random shiny pokemon

Floor 4: Legendary of choice +Random Shiny pokemon + 250k

MmoGodZ The last boss of the first floor always annhilates me xD
jazzajg im Really happy with this server Owners are Always busy to keep players entertaint!!Nice new Tower!!
Uriel Holy, nice rewards, cant wait to have a decent team :p Thanks for this build!!!


The Rejector a posted Dec 24, 16


We have updated to the newest version of pixelmon you will no longer be able to connect to the server with the modpack please use the pixelmon launcher. For a guide on how to connect Click me

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